Safe at Nyota!

Doug and I arrived at Nyota yesterday at noon…the kids raced down the road to meet us and little Samwel (7 years old) literally flung himself on me and wrapped his legs around my waist. That alone was worth thee 16 hour flight! The children are happy and everyone seems well. We ate spaghetti with lentils last night for supper and the children sang a few songs to welcome us. Then I had to make a speech and I read them the letters from Scott (they ALL miss you terribly Scott and all the staff send a big greeting!) and from Guyanne (a very lovely letter). Today my parents arrived and we came to the site of the new home. You are not going to believe how wonderful it is, although we are still a few months away from finishing. It is HUGE – but all the walls have interesting etchings in the cement and once it is painted it will be gorgeous. There are big windows all around that let the warm African sun pour in. I will post some pictures when i have a bit more time. Tonight we are having a music concert to welcome my parents. Ivan looks terrific and has accomplished amazing things here – the elementary school is now finished up top grade four and the goal is to complete it to through grade eight. The classrooms are the best i have seen in Kenya and are a wonderful learning environment, overlooking the Great Rift Valley and right beside the new Nyota home. I’ll write more soon but we are already relaxed and loving it.


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