Day Three at Nyota

  We woke up this morning to the sounds of the birds and the awakening of the home; children laughing and the cooks carrying the wood to heat the water for morning baths and tea.  Leah knocked on the door to our room and brought us bread and fried eggs and bananas for breakfast.  We then got out some of the coloring books and crayons and books that we brought and spent some time in the warm sunshine. The children love to be read to and five year old Jacinta was almost able to read me a book by herself. Not bad eh!!

Then Doug took out the laptop computers that were so very kindly refurbished and donated by Maple Leaf Foods. The children were so excited…Doreen who is 12 is a natural on the computer and they all were writing their own stories. Once they are done we’ll share them with you. The social worker Lillian knows how to use computers so she will continue to supervise and teach them after we leave.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and we are going with all the children to Ivan’s place – Mission in Action – to watch fireworks which he purchased for this evening.  They will build a bonfire and set up chairs overlooking the Great Rift Valley. I’ll take lots of pictures.

I have to go now and buy sandals for the kids. Will write soon! My parents are loving it!


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