Hi Everyone! This is my first post from Nyota for my August 2011 trip. We arrived safely here on Thursday afternoon. The children ran out to see us, with lots of hugs and handshakes. It felt like a real homecoming. I am here with my six year old granddaughter Mikayla and friends Kashia and Gail. For them everything is new and different! Even for me as this is the first time i have seen our new Nyota home finished. It is really quite remarkable. The colors are lovely and warm and all of the rooms have murals or flowers painted on them. The scale of the home is quite immense, which takes some getting used to. I actually got lost in the girls dorm! The home overlooks the Great Rift Valley and at night a big yellow moon rises before you, and in the morning you are treated to a Kenyan sunrise. We are staying in the new volunteer apartments built on the lower floor. We have a kitchen and dining area, bedroom and bathroom with shower and running water. Not opulent, but certainly clean, safe and functional. Mikayla is having a hard time adjusting to the food, which is basic Kenyan food…rice, ugali, lentils, beans. kale, etc. All wonderful food but not what our kids are used to. So she is living on toast, peanut butter, cheese and milk. The children are all well and on their school break. We have five new kids whom i had not met before, so I will do their bios while i am here. Little Paul is only four, and Brian is five. They are like lost little souls, although starting to make friends and feel safe. Brian was badly abused by his Dad and is very traumatized. Paul and his sister Cynthia were abandoned by their mother. Sometimes it can make you feel very sad, these children without parents who have suffered so much. But we have wonderful staff here who love them, and the children are in a safe home with food and clothes and people who care for them. It will be a road back for some of them, but you can’t help but wonder what would become of them without Nyota. Our support is changing these little lives. Here are a few photos…i am trying to get used to WordPress again so am hoping this works! Believe it or not, we are wireless at Nyota, and i am writing this sitting in the beautiful sunshine overlooking the valley. Talk about a disconnect. Tomorrow is our official opening of the new home. Lots of bureaucrats from the Kenya Children’s Dept coming, as well as friends and family. There will be flowers and a ribbon cutting. I went our yesterday and bought a dozen rose bushes, Jakaranda trees, lilies, and so many bushes and flowers that i don’t know what i have! We are going to plant a flower garden this afternoon to make the place look beautiful. Will take lots of pictures and write again very soon. Lynda

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