Its a beautiful Kenya “winter” day…sun shining and mid-20’s. This morning I woke to the sound of Jane singing as she washed the floors. She has a beautiful, melodic voice. All the staff great you with a handshake and a “good morning”.  Today my friends Gail and Kashia are taking new photos of all the children. They start back to school next week after almost a month of vacation. Like our kids at home they seem a little aimless without the structure of school, although there certainly is a routine here. They get up around 6:30 AM, have breakfast at 7:30, then play until noon, have lunch, then nap time for the smaller ones, support at 6:00 PM, prayers and then bed or quiet reading.

Last night I was called upstairs for a meeting with a “visitor”. It turned out to be a social worker from Naroc, a town near the Masai Mara and about 4 hours from Nyota. The mother of one of our children, Samwell, passed away a few days ago and she is being buried today. They came to tell Sammy about his mother dying and then take him to the funeral. This is incredibly stressful for any child, but moreso for Samwell as his mother had advanced AIDs and became quite abusive to him before we were granted custody. He still bears emotional scars. We are very concerned for him – he will return to Nyota on Saturday.

Yesterday I bought four new rugs for the common room so the children can play with their Lego and toys on a rug. The floors are terazzo and quite cold. They really warm the place up!

I am going to try and include some photos…having a problem with getting them on the blog. I’ll have lots to send when I return.

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