Friday at Nyota

Today was the first kind of chilly day…after all its winter in Kenya. It rained and thundered and the mist hung over the Rift Valley. I had a lovely walk down the road with Mikayla, my granddaughter, and some of the children to a neighbour’s house who has chickens and chicks. They live in her small two room house with her, her sister, a friend and three children. They are wonderful people full of life and laughter. Two of them work at Nyota and Mission in Action. The sister was afflicted with polio at age three, but despite this is a very beautiful and hard working young woman. Today she was shelling beans for the household to eat. The children here have taken Mikayla in as one of the family, and hold hands and play with her. They love the playground and jumping on the trampoline.

I am listening to the sound of a soccer game, involving our older boys and another team from the nearby community. They are all decked out in their soccer gear and take the game very seriously. Apparently the opposing team couldn’t get women to participate, so our female players had to drop out. Not fair! Anyway they have been playing almost an hour and still no score!

I spent alot of time today with Rose, our social worker. She is a concientious and talented young woman who is very dedicated to the children. One 11 year old girl – Faith – ran away and was gone for two weeks. Two days ago we got word that she had been found and was being held at the juvenile prison. We sent someone to pick her up and she arrived back safely last night, looking none the worse. We were worried sick about her. She has had a difficult past; her mother beat and rejected her and apparently she ran away to her grandmothers, who also told her she would not take her back. So Faith got on a bus back to Nakuru, the city close to Nyota. What risks she took and who knows what could have happened to her. We are arranging for counselling for her. While our children are loved and well cared for, they have very difficult pasts which for older children are difficult to overcome. However every time I come here I see more and more progress, and the children seem even more happy and well adjusted.

Rose also gave me the school marks for our children. Many, including Jacinta, Anna and Kevin are #1 in their class. This shows what our kids can do! Most are doing very well in school and working hard. We have hired a tutor that works with them after school and is also available on weekends. I think this is also making a difference.

Will write more before I leave…time is running short as Mikayla and I depart on Tuesday. My great friends Kashia and Gail left this morning for safari. Kashia taught the older girls how to do Origami and Gail taught the boys Crazy 8’s and other card games. The children gave them a farewell performance last night and kept asking them when they would return. They miss them already. So do I…



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