Yesterday I went to town and bought supplies for the kitchen and ice cream for the children – strawberry and vanilla. The last time they ate ice cream was when Doug and I were here in January. It is such a treat for them…I guess the word was out when i first arrived that now that Lynda is here we may get to eat ice cream! You could have heard a pin drop in the big dining room as they focused on this rare pleasure. This morning i met with three kids here that aren’t doing so well in school. One of them, Doreen, is an exceptionally bright young woman who is fluent in English. The question is why? I always get the same easy answer…I’ll try harder next term. I want to tell them the definition of insanity is doing the same old thing and expecting a different result. Somehow this doesn’t translate so well into Kiswahili. So we talked through a plan of action for each one, and I got a commitment from each one the average they hope to achieve in the fall term. I wish that they could receive more of their education in their native language. It is such a huge hurdle to master a hard curriculum in a foreign language. But the best we can do is try to succeed in the system imposed on them. I think they heard me when I told them i believe in them and they must believe in themselves. This morning I passed out little Matchbox cars to the children – of course there wasn’t enough to go around and that caused a major war. These kids have experienced so much deprivation when something is available they have learned to grab and get. The concept of sharing is alot harder to master when there are scarce resources. I now have to go in and confiscate cars from those who have and distribute them to those that don’t. Wish me luck…The karate teacher just arrived so I am going over to get a bit of a workout. Tomorrow is our last day here. The days seem to go in a blurr – its a combination of all the activity here (45 kids generate alot of energy) and the fast that everything takes longer to do. A trip to town that you think can be done in two hours takes four. Its really part of the charm of this place. White people are known to want to rush and hurry everything. And given that I am on the higher scale of that to begin with, they must think I’m a very Type A “mizungu” (white person). Thanks for reading my blog. These children are truly wonderful and what we do for them is going to result in them making a difference for their communities and their country. Lynda

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