Last Day at Nyota

Running in the Field

I woke up this morning to the sound of feet running, chairs scraping, and children’s excited chatter. It is the first day of school for the fall term. The time was 6:30 AM. By 6:40 I went upstairs to check things out a the children were already dressed in their school uniforms. A congregation had been assembled at one end of the hall, led by four of the ‘older’ children (like 11-12 years old). They were leading the children in mornings prayers and singing. Its incredible to see how self-sufficient these children are. Getting up, getting dressed, getting organized. Partly a cultural thing and partly a reflection of their past and having to fend alot for themselves. But it sure has developed a lot of autonomy and leadership among many of them.

After a breakfast of maize porridge, mandazi (kind of a Kenyan donut) and bananas they formed a line outside, two by two, from smallest to biggest and marched to school.

We are having a meeting of the children today at 4 and then a staff meeting at 5:00. Tomorrow I head to the coast for a few days and then home. Looking forward to a wonderful farewell concert tonight. I bought beef stew to prepare for support. A real treat! Then some “sweeties” (candies) to pass around.

Thanks for reading and all your support


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